A letter received from Steve Parker:

http://gdf.tricon.hu/linux/segedanyag/SteveParker/  is an unauthorised copy of my website at 
http://steve-parker.org/sh/. http://steve-parker.org/sh/license.shtml  
(http://gdf.tricon.hu/linux/segedanyag/SteveParker/license.shtml) clearly states that 
you are not authorised to take copies of the site.

I put this tutorial online free for all to read; *all that I ask is that people 
not publish copies of it*. For one thing, the copy on tricon.hu is very out of date, 
which does not help anybody at all. The GNU/Linux community thrives 
by respecting copyright; the GPL depends on it.

I therefore ask that you remove this copy of my tutorial; not because of some outdated 
view of copyright, but because this is the best way to help everybody in the 
GNU/Linux and the wider UNIX community.


Steve Parker